Cooke Aquaculture co-founder dies

Editorial Staff

Cooke Aquaculture was started in 1985 by Gifford Cooke and his two sons Michael and Glenn. They started with farming 5,000 salmon in a pen.

Canadian salmon farming giant Cooke Aquaculture has announced the death of its co-founder, Gifford Cooke, on March 3, 2024.

Gifford Cooke established the company in 1985 with his sons, Glenn and Michael Cooke.

Joel Richardson, Vice President of Public Relations at Cooke Aquaculture, acknowledged Gifford Cooke’s significant contributions to the growth of the company and his impact on rural coastal communities in Eastern Charlotte, New Brunswick, and beyond. Under Gifford’s leadership, along with his children Glenn, Michael, and Debbie, Cooke Aquaculture expanded into a global seafood enterprise, employing nearly 13,000 people in 15 countries and actively supporting community and conservation initiatives.

Gifford Cooke, known for his work as a marine mechanic in Blacks Harbour, played a crucial role in modernizing the company’s freshwater salmon hatcheries and vessel fleet, and led numerous construction projects.

“Gifford’s outgoing personality, robust work ethic, friendly sense of humor and steadfast faith will leave a void not easily filled,” the company wrote in a statement posted to its website.


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