Cooke Aquaculture Scotland “temporarily impacted” by loss of communications in Shetland

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland’s operations in Shetland were “temporarily impacted by the loss of communications connectivity” on Thursday after an underwater cable was cut.

Cooke Aquaculture’s Vice President Public Relations Joel Richardson confirmed the disruption in an email to SalmonBusiness.

“Cooke Aquaculture Scotland in Shetland has implemented their systems business continuity plan. Internet and mobile communications are now back up and running,” he stated, adding that “we greatly appreciate the work engineers and technicians are performing to restore connectivity quickly.”

Police on the island declared a “major incident” after the souther communication cable to the mainland was cut, initially resulting in the loss of mobile phone, internet and computer service.

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“Due to a break in a third-party submarine cable connecting Shetland to the Scottish mainland, some telephone, broadband and mobile services are affected,” a British Telecom spokesperson said in a statement. “Engineers are working to reroute services via other routes as soon as possible and we will provide further updates. Our external subsea supplier also wants to restore their link quickly.”

Repairs are underway separately to an underwater cable to the Faroe Islands after that was damaged last week.


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