Cooke Aquaculture to acquire one of Latin America’s largest shrimp farming companies

“We are in the process of getting everything approved, but we have basically bought one of the world’s largest shrimp operations,” said Glenn Cooke.

It’s now being widely reported that the global seafood company will buy Honduras’ Seajoy Group.

Some details were given in the Telegraph and Journal after CEO, Glenn Cooke and Canadian MP (New Brunswick Southwest) Karen Ludwig participated in a round table discussion with executives from Cooke Aquaculture’s companies around the world.

Cooke said the new company will fall under Cooke Aquaculture’s Chile division, which operates salmon farms and a processing plant. He said that the deal will include processing plants, hatcheries and breeding programs.

Cooke currently produces around 100,000 tonnes of salmon per year. In the article, Cooke said that they have purchased more than 100 long haul transport trucks as well as new distribution centres.

“We want to build an Atlantic Canada-based powerhouse that can compete with the largest global, publicly-traded seafood companies out there,” said Cooke.

Cooke has operations around the globe and salmon farms in Scotland, Chile and Canada.


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