Cooke Aquaculture to target new markets in 2019

The fish farmer made the comments as they picked up Exporter of the Year prize from magazine.

Andrew Young, Cooke Aquaculture’s vice-president global sales and marketing, said the company’s biggest markets are the U.S., France, United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, China and Brazil.

“Exports have grown significantly over the last few years,” Young told Natural Resources Magazine. Young told the publication the company will continue to explore new markets for its farmed and wild seafood such as India and other parts of Southeast Asia. It will also focus on emerging markets such as China and Brazil.

“We will continue to grow new markets and look for new export opportunities,” Young said. “We think globally and have a global team in place to support these goals,” he added.

Young added that Trump’s trade war had made things difficult for the company which exports to 67 countries. “Trade barriers remain a big issue in our business. We promote free trade globally,” he said.

Cooke Aquaculture produced 110 thousand metric tonnes of fish in total across its sites in Canada, USA, Scotland and Chile.


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