Cooke Aquaculture worker acquitted of assault

editorial staff

“Caustic chemical” claim did not stand up in court.

Shetland Times reports that a trial over an alleged assault involving two Cooke Aquaculture workers has ended in an acquittal at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Thursday.

Michael Malone, 53, complained to police that Hugh Ferguson, 57, threw a bucket containing cleaning chemicals over him causing him to suffer burns.

The alleged assault was said to have taken place at the end of their shift at Cooke Aquaculture in Mid Yell, where the two men were working on 13th August 2020. Maloney was hosing the walls down and Ferguson was washing his “pinny” in the bucket.

The publication detailed how Malone’s claims did not stand in court. For example, Malone said that Ferguson deliberately threw caustic liquid over his chest.

Medical records showed his right wrist had been burned. And that he had been wearing protective gloves at the time.

Furthermore, Malone admitted he was not sure the bucket contained chemicals when it was thrown at him, but told police it had in an earlier statement.

After Malone left the witness stand Sherriff Cruickshank immediately acquitted Ferguson.


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