Cooke harvests Chile’s first organic salmon compliant with EU standards

Editorial Staff

Cooke Chile has successfully harvested the first certified organic salmon in Chile after a four-year process.

The project, located in the Cupquelan fjord in the Aysén Region, initially represents 25% of Cooke Chile’s total production.

Achieving EU organic production standards required significant financial and human resource investments, according a statement from the company. Prior to production, Cooke had to empty, clean, and sterilize its facilities, with hatcheries undergoing a six-month rest period and sea sites a three-month rest period. Organic feed was imported from Scotland due to its unavailability in Chile.

Cultivation processes adhered to rigorous standards, including low salmon densities, high animal welfare, and the use of advanced technologies.

The achievement marks a significant milestone in Chile’s salmon industry and signifies the country’s entry into the international organic salmon market.


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