Cooke has an application pending for extra sea farm in Maine

State has only one salmon farmer that raises fish in the traditional way.

Bangor Daily News reports from behind the scenes of Cooke Aquaculture which raising has been raising salmon in Maine since since 2004.

While the state is now becoming known for a spate of land-based projects of late, Cooke has 24 sea sites off the coast of Maine – with a plant that processes up to 31.7 tonnes a day.

The publication highlighted the US’s dependence on imports of farmed salmon – 95 per cent of it which is shipped in, mainly from Chile and Canada.

Cooke Aquaculture spokesman Andrew Lively told Bangor Daily News that for its 25th site, Cooke seeks to lease 44.4 acres off Jonesport and Beals – but its facing strong opposition from Jonesport residents.

Lively added it had not dropped its application for the lease, but is no longer pushing it with the Department of Marine Resources, choosing instead to share more information to Jonesport-area residents.