Cooke owned HORECA seafood supplier pivots to food boxes

editorial staff

AC Covert used to deliver to fine dining restaurants, hotels, gastro pubs, professional caterers and retailers locally—and all across North America. Then COVID-19 hit. 

In a press release, Cooke writes that its Nova Scotia-based HORECA seafood supplier AC Covert is now moving to deliver food boxes, as many restaurants have stopped operating because of the coronavirus.

The boxes feature Cookes’ True North Seafood products including farmed and wild salmon as well as other locally farmed and fished products from Atlantic Canadian companies.

“With the travel restrictions we saw an opportunity to make it easier for people to buy seafood from our region,” said Cooke Vice President of Public Relations Joel Richardson.

“We have been working hard to supply grocery stores, because in the Maritimes, seafood is a huge part of our culture which brings comfort during challenging times. Our seafood boxes are an ideal care package to send to family or friends you haven’t seen for a while. As a local family company, it is important for us to conveniently provide people with the seafood they love so we can all support sea farmers and fishers,” he added.

Cooke opened its EUR 3.2 million AC Covert centre last December.

Since 1938, AC Covert has been a fishmonger supplier for retailers and foodservice professionals in Atlantic Canada. One of Canada’s largest seafood suppliers, Cooke purchased it in 2008 and now it offers fresh and frozen seafood products, including lobster, halibut, scallops and smoked salmon.


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