Chile implements tough measures to deal with virus

Editorial staff

A number of Latin American countries declares entry bans to prevent the spread of corona virus. 

Even though the virus was in the beginning not present in Latin America, corona virus is now contaminating the whole continent. Mexico and Cuba have reported their first deaths the last 24 hours, writes NRK.

The Chilean President Sebastian Pinera Wednesday declared 90 days state of catastrophe over the corona virus outbreak.

“This state (of catastrophe) is aimed at…preparing ourselves to confront what lies ahead,” Pinera said in a speech from the La Moneda presidential palace, states Reuters.

238 cases of corona has been confirmed in Chile.

From Thursday morning the military will for 90 days take measures to prevent spreading. More restrictive actions will be implemented.

Airport in El Salvador closed
The authorities in El Salvador no longer want to take on people from the US or Mexico, that are deported out of the countries. They state that deportation flight are no longer allowed to land in El Salvador to limit contamination.

The international airport in El Salvador is closed for two weeks now. Last night the country stated the first person infected with the virus, writes Courthousenews.

Brazil and Chile most infected
Brazil and Chile are so far the countries with most corona virus incidents, with more than 200 affected.

There are 1,200 cases and 18 deaths recorded throughout the region, the latest in Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Jamaica, states NRK.


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