Coronavirus causes Finnair and British Airways to close down flights to China

Katrina Poulsen

Wide ranging freighters of salmon are now cancelling flights to China.

British Airways has closed down all flight to China, writes Sky News. Finnair has in a press release announced that they have suspended flights between Helsinki and Beijing Daxing International from the 5th of Febuary to the 29th of March.

Critical situation
Finnair are constantly keeping an eye on the situation in China, and do not yet know if they will have to cancel more flights.

“We are following the situation, and as it is now, it is critical, but we cannot comment on what will happen further on,” says a spokesman from Finnair to SalmonBusiness.

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Both Finnair and British Airways have cancelled the possibility of booking private flight tickets to China until the end of March after The British Foreign Ministry has advised against unnecessary travel in the region.

SAS flights still flying to China
The information officer at SAS Knut Morten Johansen has in a message to NTB, Norwegian News Agency confirmed that SAS is still flying to China eventhough several other companies have cancelled their flights.

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