Mowi Scotland COO offers reaction to court verdict

Editorial Staff

Responding to a recent court ruling, Mowi Scotland COO Ben Hadfield has emphasized the company’s commitment to standing up against harassment and the intimidation of employees. 

In October, anti-fish farming activist Don Staniford received a permanent ban from Mowi farms sites in Scotland. His appeal to the Scottish courts was dismissed on Thursday.

The Sheriff Appeal Court has mandated that Staniford refrain from boarding, entering, or attaching vessels to any structures, docks, walkways, or pens at Mowi’s aquaculture sites, and from instructing others to do so.

Breaking: Court delivers opinion in Mowi Scotland vs. Don Staniford appeal

In statement sent to SalmonBusiness, the company expressed satisfaction with the result of the appeal process. COO Ben Hadfield reiterated Mowi’s commitment to engaging with critics while firmly opposing any form of intimidation.

“While our company will listen to and engage with people who may be critical of our business, we will not stand by and accept individuals harassing and intimidating our employees at their workplace,” said Hadfield.

The ruling reinforces Mowi’s dedication to safeguarding its staff, equipment, property, and product integrity from unlawful activities, the company stated, a stance upheld by the court.

“After repeated requests not to do so, we had sought this interdict to protect the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our fish, our property and Mr Staniford and his associates, and we are pleased that the court has agreed, again, with Mowi’s position.”

Mowi, the world’s largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon, operates 47 sites across Scotland.


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