COVID-19 outbreak hits Blumar Magallanes subsidiary BluRiver

editorial staff

Chilean salmon farmer evacuates workers.

It is not yet been reported how many employees have been affected, or how much operations are down, but the Blumar-owned BluRiver has reported a viral coronavirus outbreak.

BluRiver, controlled by Blumar, farms salmon in the Magallanes, Chile’s Antarctic region.

In a statement on ITV Patagonia, the company wrote: “Because employees of the company began to feel symptoms associated with COVID-19, we activated our protocol, gave notice to the maritime authority and the Seremi de Salud, and coordinated the evacuation from salmon farms.

The salmon farmer said that it evacuated workers who had positive results from tests.

“They are in good health, complying with their quarantine in sanitary residences or at their homes,” wrote BluRiver.

Other tests are being conducted on other sites.

The salmon farmer wrote that if more positive results come in, they will quarantine and isolate more workers.


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