Criminologist: ‘The stolen salmon could end up on the legitimate market’

This Monday, SalmonBusiness wrote about a stolen truck with salmon worth €128,000. The trailer belonging to Per Johansen Transport disappeared from Marine Harvest’s refrigeration facility at Gardermoen Airport Sunday morning.

According to Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang, the thieves used a tractor unit to pull the trailer.

Paul Larsson, criminology professor with Politihøgskolen, believes the theft was carefully planned, and that the perpetrators have a good knowledge of the Norwegian market.

“Knowledge is the most important tool within organized crime. When it comes to thefts like this, it sounds like theft-to-order,” he tells VG.

He believes that the thieves must have had clear information on where the salmon was going, and adds there is a chance that the salmon could end up on the legitimate market.

“An obvious hypothesis is that the cargo may have been sold into the grey economy elsewhere in Europe,” he says.

Oyvind Kværner, from the local police in Ullensaker, tells VG that they have not yet identified any suspects, but one of many theories is that the salmon have been transported abroad.



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