Damaged closed cages leak 400 liters of diesel into Norway’s longest fjord

Four hundred liters of diesel has leaked into Sognefjord – Norway’s longest fjord – from the two closed cages from fish farming supplier FiiZK that were damaged on Wednesday.

The cages did not have any fish in them when the accident happened at trout breeder Osland Havbruk’s facility in Sørevik, in Hayanger (Høyanger) municipality (see map), on the south side of the Sognefjord.

Closed cage from FiiZK. The cages were empty of fish when the accident happened. Photo: FiiZK

Early Wednesday, FiiZK reported, somewhat succinctly and cryptically, that two closed cages, delivered to Osland Havbruk, had “suffered unexpected damage”.  It said the cages were “the first two of their kind”.

FiiZK is now on damage-control mode and has notified authorities.

SalmonBusiness has reached out to the two companies for additional comment.


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