Damen Shipyards Group and Coastal Workboats Scotland delivers “Landing Utility Vessel 1608” to Loch Duart

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“Lady Rebecca” handed over to salmon farmer.

In a press release, Damen Shipyards Group and Coastal Workboats Scotland write that they handed over a specially-made aquaculture vessel to Loch Duart in Oban, Scotland.

The LUV 1608 “Lady Rebecca” is built by Coastal Workboats Scotland to a Damen design that was engineered by Damen design bureau OSD/IMT. The vessel will be able to carry out a wide range of support tasks to the aquaculture industry, including the transportation of people, equipment and feed to offshore fish-farming locations. A key feature of the LUV 1608 is the hull design, which has been developed to accommodate a HS Marine AK67 E4 Crane. This size of crane offers very high capability not usually seen in a vessel of 16 meters with close to 14 tonnes lifting capacity at 3.5 meters and 3 tonnes at 13 meters.

The LUV 1608 hull can also be built at 19 meters in length to provide additional deck capacity. The original concept was for a Utility Vessel (UV) but this was expended to have landing craft functionality to ensure a wider geographical reach for operations in areas where there was less port infrastructure available.

The LUV 1608 can be customized to meet individual client requirements. This is demonstrated with this first vessel for Loch Duart, the tailored features of which include tire fenders, location of capstans and foot pedals.

Damen sales manager Mike Besijn said: “The development of the Damen LUV shows our commitment to aquaculture, an industry we believe is part of the solution when it comes to feeding the world of tomorrow.

“The functionality of the vessel shows that we are listening to the market and responding to its needs. And, as is the culture at Damen, we are working with the experts in the industry to ensure that what we deliver is both relevant and reliable. We are very grateful to Karl Scott of Maritime Aqua for his in-depth market knowledge, which has been invaluable in the development of this design and for the supply of the HS Marine AK67 E4 Crane and Tenfjord Deck Machinery.

“Furthermore, I’d like to congratulate Brian and Julie Pogson of Coastal Workboats Scotland on the construction of a truly high-quality, strong and sturdy vessel. Together, we wish Loch Duart the very best with their new vessel.”


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