Danish aquaculture firm Alpha Aqua names Christoffer Moller Kristensen as new CEO

Alpha Aqua has selected Christoffer Moller Kristensen to replace Johan Herold Højgaard, who has served as the company’s CEO since September 2017.

Kristensen has worked for Alpha Aqua since September 2020, after joining the company as its Chief Financial Officer. Prior to that position, he worked for Danish telecommunications firm Norlys and construction company Arkil.

“It is with great pleasure I can announce that I have accepted the role of CEO for Alpha Aqua. It has been a tremendous journey as CFO until now and I am really looking forward to continuously be part of the positive development of Alpha Aqua,” Kristensen said.

“A big and humble thank you to the board and the management group of Alpha Aqua to trust me with this task. I am really looking forward to continue the strong cooperation with customers, skilled employees and the board,” he added.

The Danish firm was founded in 2017 by two companies that work within the aquaculture industry, with the expressed mission of seeking to design and build the next generation of RAS systems globally.

Currently, Alpha Aqua’s approach to land-based recirculating aquaculture system claims to provide turnkey solutions, modular systems/production units, faster construction and lower total costs within on-shore fish farming.

Alpha Aqua states that it has developed a system that ensures that fish farming can take place on land in a recirculating aquaculture system where the water is purified and not replaced to any great extent, potentially providing a solution to the environmental challenges that fish farming can entail.


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