Danish company plans 3,000 tonne rainbow trout farm in Lithuania

Hjarno Havbrug plans to launch trout farming business on the Baltic coast.

The Baltic Times reports that according to Lithuania’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture Darius Liutikas, the Danish company is expected to set up in Lithuania as early as this year.

Hjarno Havbrug has over 20 similar farms in the Baltic Sea and it will be the first time it invests in Lithuania.

“It would be situated near Klaipeda and would cover an area of around 900 square meters. (…) A certain area would be enclosed in the sea and fish would be farmed inside netted enclosures naturally in the sea water,” he told BNS Lithuania.

The company plans to farm around 3,000 tonnes of trout in Lithuania every year and they would be also processed in the country, the Ministry of Agriculture said.

Hjarno Havbrug has been around since 1952 since its pioneering founder Alfred Pedersen experimented with growing fish in a 200-litre oil drum, the first one to do so.


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