Danish package deal for Jackon

Salmon Business

Logistics player Jackon Danmark has signed a long-term contract to supply EPS, or expanded polystyrene packing cases for fish that’ll be processed and transported by Hav Line Processing to their new facility at the Port of Hirtshals .

Jackon Danmark, a business of Norwegian Jackon Holding, said the deal Hav Line Gruppen was long in the works. The Hirtshals facility is a major investment expected to alter regional salmon logistics by bringing fish in from western Norwegian fish farms via a factory-transport vessel Hav Line Processing has under construction.

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“Jackons new factory is being built wall-to-wall with Hav Line Processing’s packing plant, and it’ll be ready for production in the second half of 2018, just as the factory-transport concept starts up,” a Jackon communique said.

The EPS box plant is expected to use “the newest available production technology” and might have capacity for other port customers. Hirtshalls in Denmark adds to five Norwegian locations where Jackon now produces packaging products.

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