Danish processor accused of falsifying analysis to sell listeria-riddled salmon

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Danish authorities are now investigating Jelex Seafood.

A Danish documentary show called “Operation X” on TV2 has revealed that Jelex Seafood sold listeria-infected salmon to a customer in Spain. According to the programme which will be aired on TV2 tonight, the company falsified its analysis, so that the fish appeared listeria free, as reported on the channel TV2.

Listeria consists of several different species where Listeria monocytogenes is an important pathogenic bacterium that can cause Listeriose disease. Listeria is primarily affected by food. Foods that are stored cold for a long time, such as cold-smoked salmon, are particularly exposed to the bacteria.

The company is accused of stamping the name of national fish health lab, Nordlab on their counterfeit analysis.

“It is totally unacceptable. Under no circumstances can we accept somebody doing this. We take this really seriously. It is forging, possible fraud” said Karin Suhr, Managing Director of Nordlab.

According to the Danish Food Safety Authority, six falsified listeria analyses have been found, which Jelex Seafood has sent to customers for a period of three months.

“We police the police, and will ask them to assess whether the leader is to be held responsible, and here we speak of possible prison sentences and the possibility that he or she may be denied the right to pursue business activity,” said Michael Rosenmark in the Danish Food Safety Authority.

Jens Elsnab, CEO and owner of Jelex Seafood, didnt want to comment further matter with TV2.


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