Danish RAS consultancy wins award for best food tech company

Editorial Staff

Ivar Warrer-Hansen founded RASLogic in 2020.

RASLogic, an aquaculture consultancy firm, has been awarded the Scandinavian Business Award for best consultancy company within Food Tech, 2024.

The company is led by Ivar Warrer-Hansen, a pioneer in land-based aquaculture using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

Warrer-Hansen, co-founder and former senior researcher at the Aquaculture Department under the Water Quality Institute in Denmark (now DHI and the Environment), played a crucial role in early commercial RAS developments in Europe.

Transitioning to fish farming in Ireland in 1982, he revitalized a derelict trout farm and established three additional farms, producing 70% of Ireland’s trout and engaging in salmon farming.

Despite his success in traditional aquaculture, Warrer-Hansen’s focus remained on RAS. After leaving fish farming, he worked at Inter Aqua Advance and Nordic Aquafarms before founding RASLogic in 2020. The company assists investors and stakeholders with feasibility studies, production plans, design, and financial projections for RAS projects, ensuring clients receive the best available technology.

Industry colleagues acknowledge Warrer-Hansen’s significant contributions to the success of RAS developments for smolt, post-smolt facilities, and salmon grow-out. At RASLogic, he has been involved in the Skagen Salmon project and various other fish species initiatives.

Reflecting on the future of land-based fish farming, Warrer-Hansen is optimistic but notes that some RAS suppliers need to enhance or revise their designs to meet industry standards.


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