Danish sushi chain closes its own stores in protest against the state of the oceans

Sushi-hungry Danes are to go without today as company boycotts their own produce.

“We have closed because we would like to point out that there are some challenges with the oceans that we think you have to respond to,” said LETZ SUSHI director Anders Barsøe restaurants to Ekstra Bladet.

“According to research, we will not have any more fish left in the oceans by the year 2048, and if that’s the case, there will be no more sushi either,” Barsøe explained.

By closing down their 19 stories, the chain hopes to create awareness around the subject.

When asked it it was just a PR stunt, Barsøe said: “I dont think so. The agenda here is relatively present. If we do not react to it, then there are no more fish left in the water.”

From 2025, the company will only supply their chains with sustainibly caught herring, mackerel and other fish from Danish waters for their sushi. No more tuna.

“There are not many Danes who are currently ready to convert their tuna to mackerel, so if we changed immediately, we would remove our basis of existence,” explained Barsøe.


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