Dawnfresh continuing large Scottish loch trout strategy

editorial staff

Exited portion trout production the year before.

Trout farmer Dawnfresh – posted its yearly results on Companies House.

Turnover increased to GBP 15.8 million (2018 – GBP 15.4 million) despite harvest volumes being 10 per cent down on the previous year. Dawnfresh’s operating loss was down slightly to GBP 1.8 million, from GBP 1.9 million in 2019.

“Key successes for Dawnfresh Farming have seen continued high levels of fish health while harvest output has been further optimised from prior year successes based on changing the average size of fish harvested from our site at Loch Etive,” it wrote.

Dawnfresh added that harvest tonnages will return to previous levels moving into 2019/20 and beyond as the stock transitioned to the large trout size reaches maturity.