Dawnfresh Seafoods becomes first Scottish company to join London Fish Exchange

editorial staff

Trout farmer joins trading platform.

In a press release, London Fish Exchange (LFEX) writes that Scotland’s largest trout farming company Dawnfresh Seafoods can now be accessed via its platform.

“We are excited to be integrating the LFEX digital platform into our sales process, giving us the opportunity to reach buyers in both existing and new markets. In uncertain times it is hugely positive that we can modernise as a business and the LFEX platform will aid us in efficiently managing our orders and distribution. It’s wonderful that Scottish trout is being given the recognition that it deserves and, with the help of LFEX, can now have access to the same global marketplace as salmon. The LFEX team has been extremely supportive of our growth ambitions and we look forward to our continued collaboration,” said Dawnfresh Seafoods international commercial manager Catherine Clark.

Dawnfresh Seafoods, the largest trout producer in Scotland, and also a significant buyer of salmon, will be using the platform to both sell (distribute) and buy (source).

“Our business is unique in that we are both farmers and added value processors. As well as working with export markets, a large part of our business is into UK retail and we provide our clients with a wide variety of added value and smoked products across multiple species,” she said.

In October, through Iceborn, LFEX wrote that it had secured the exclusive distribution rights for approximately 70 per-cent of Icelandic salmon production.


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