Dead body discovered at site of one of Europe’s largest salmon smokers

Employees found the man’s body – an electrician – at Suempol factory in Bielsk Podlaski, Poland.

A 61-year-old man’s body was discovered bloodied and bruised in one of Poland’s largest salmon smoking facilities in on the 18th of June, reports Fakt.

“There are no witnesses to the event. Nobody saw what happened,” Bielsk Podlaski’s head of District Prosecutor’s Office Adam Naumczuk told the publication.

A post-mortem examination was carried out which did not explicitly explain the cause of death. “There were visible traces of blood and minor abrasions on the body of the deceased,” explained Podlaski.

An investigation is ongoing to see if the death was caused by a work-related injury.

Suempol is one of the largest producers of smoked salmon in the world and second largest exporter of salmon products from Poland.

The investigation of the incident is still active, sources told SalmonBusiness.


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