Dead salmon pit proposal in Tasmania town causes upset

A proposal on how best to deal with large amounts of dead fish is causing a stink.

The Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association (TSGA) want to build a pit capable of storing up to 4,000 tonnes of dead fish in the event of a mass deaths event on the west coast according to ABC news Australia.

This follows the Environmental Protection Authority advice to the salmon industry to plan in event of a major fish kill.

A holding pit was assessed as the best option in the event of a large fish kill incident at Macquarie Harbour. (West Coast Council).

The TSGA has also submitted a Notice of Intent to the EPA to build a temporary “mort holding facility” at the Aquaculture Hub near Strahan, on Tasmania’s west coast.

The proposed temporary holding facility would be used in emergency situations for several thousands of tonnes of dead fish as an intermediary while arrangements are made for their final disposal.

Liquefying, burying, incineration, and composting the dead fish have all been rules out according to the notice.

Mayor Phil Vickers told ABC news that it was the result of an ad hoc approach to environmental planning.

“Council is calling on the industry and EPA to stop entertaining piecemeal approaches to waste activities that have the potential to cause serious harm to our environment and to affect the community,” he said.


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