Dead salmon tanker falls into river

Footage shows murky water coming out from tanker which is now underwater.

CTV News is the first to report that a tanker – allegedly full of dead salmon – has fallen into the Duncan Bay, north of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.

Talking to the publication, Bill Vaughn, owner of Coastal Seatrucking, said that nothing had spilt from the trailer. The company provides services for aquaculture companies in the region with its 98-ft landing craft (LC) “Inlet Raider”.

“Fisheries and Oceans has been involved, everybody’s there,” Vaughn said. “Not a thing leaking out of it and we’re going to pump it out tomorrow morning and take the trailer out of the water.”

James Lawson sid he saw effluent from the tanker. SCREENSHOT: Lawson/ Facebook

However local commercial diver James Lawson said he could see silage leaking into the water. On his Facebook page, he posted a short video (set to public) showing murky water coming out from the tanker underwater.

SalmonBusiness is the first to show this video which can be seen via this link.

Extra footage and photos were taken by anti-salmon farming activist Tavish Campbell, who posted underwater footage of bloody discharge from harvest vessels being pumped from Brown’s Bay Packing Company into the Campbell River.

SalmonBusiness has contacted Fisheries and Oceans, Coastal Seatrucking, and the alleged salmon farmer involved for more details.


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