Deaths increase in algea bloom hit Chile

Losses now amount to 3,850 tonnes.

Sernapesca reports that it is still monitoring toxic algae blooms in Chile, which have hit Mowi, Aquachile, Yadran, Multiexport Granja Marina Tornagaleone and Salmones Camanchaca sites in Southern Chile.

The fishing and aquaculture authority has included Cooke in that list, but Cooke spokesman and vice president of public relations Joel Richardson told SalmonBusiness that was not the case.

“There is no algae bloom in the Cupquelan Fjord and we don’t have mortality related to an algae bloom in our sites,” he said.

The most affected 12 salmon farms are in the Aysén region. While some fish have died directly from algae, other fish have from the lack of oxygen associated with the bloom.

Sernapesca wrote that in the last 24 hours in the Los Lagos region, no new affected sites had been reported.

A combined 3,850 tonnes of fish had died to date.


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