‘Deep Blue No. 1’ back into operation

The Chinese have started the second production cycle at «Deep Blue No. 1″ and China’s largest offshore salmon farm has also been modified.

In May, SalmonBusiness wrote that “Deep Blue No. 1 ”was taken out of service because the company behind the offshore salmon farm wanted to take it in for maintenance to learn from the production so far.

The project is a collaboration between the company Rizhao Wanzefeng Fishery and China Ocean University.

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“Deep Blue No. 1”. PHOTO: With permission from Rizhao Wanzefeng Fishery

The head of the planning department of Rizhao Wanzefeng Fishery, Dong Wei, confirmed to SalmonBusiness that the “Deep Blue No. 1” is now back into operation and that the company has started the second production cycle.

“We have upgraded the underwater monitoring system and the remote control system. The salmon farm is smarter now. We can now check “Deep Blue No. 1″ from 12 nautical miles away,” Wei wrote in an email to SalmonBusiness.

Wei also said that in addition to changes on the inside of the salmon farm, there is also a tower fixed atop the salmon farm. The tower is 35 meters high and 3.5 meters in diameter.

Earlier this year, Wei told Salmonbusiness that “Deep Blue No. 2″, which will be three times larger than its predecessor, was to be built during the year.

“There is nothing new about this project,” Wei added.

“Deep Blue No. 1”. PHOTO: With permission from Rizhao Wanzefeng Fishery

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