Delousing vessel “Hydro Pioneer” on its way to Scotland

Smir Group sending “Hydro Pioneer”, its first contract in Scotland providing the full-service package with vessel, crew and system, to the Scottish Salmon Company.

On LinkedIn, Smir Group CEO Øyvind Nymark, whose company provides a delousing service directly to fish farmers, announced: “Hydro Pioneer on her way to Scotland. It’s been an interesting journey rebuilding and preparing the vessel. Hard work, determination and good efforts give results, now ready for the next chapter.”

“Hydro Pioneer” is a 52m vessel entering into a long-term contract with the Scottish Salmon Company. Its first vessel in the company “Hydro Shipping” a part of the Smir Group. However, the Hydrolicer system has been widely used in Scotland since 2015.

It’s installed with four Hydrolicer lines and is able to expand to six lines.

In August, SalmonBusiness reported that Hydrolicer consolidated the companies under a new name called Smir, meaning “to forge” in Norwegian. In addition to Smir, the Smir Group will include the companies Hydromerd, Hydrolicer Drift, as well as Hydro Shipping, which will also gradually be incorporated into the name change.


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