Delousing vessel “Owurkan” delivered

“Owurkan” will service Multiexport, Ventisqueros, Camanchaca and Blumar sites.

The “Owurkan” has been delivered to its fish health management service provider owner SalmoClinic in Chile, according to the shipyard ASENAV on LinkedIn.

SalmoClinic is run by CEO Hans Kossmann, who built the first well-boat to operate in the Chilean salmon industry in 1998, and is the director at Patagonia Wellboats.

The “Owurkan” will operate between the X and XI regions in Southern Chile.

Salmoclinic’s delousingvessel is 62m long and has a treatment capacity of 1,000 tonnes of fish per day.

According to Mundo Acuicola, the vessel is the result of six years of research. Owurkan means “Healer” in the Kaweskar language isolate spoken in southern Chile.

“Owurkan” was launched on the 11th of June at the shipyard ASENAV where it was constructed.

“We thank our customers Multiexport, Ventisqueros, Camanchaca and Blumar for their confidence in this project, as well as the banks Scotiabank and Banco Internacional, who have financed the construction of this pioneering ship of its kind,” said Kossmann at the time.


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