Boom times trigger leap in investments

Lizbeth Osnes & Katrina Poulsen

With the highest share value in modern time the prospect for the salmon industry looks pretty good for 2020.

Among not only investors and salmon farmers is an optimistic energy, forecasting a promising year.
In the worlds biggest wellboat yard Aas Mek Verksted this optimism is shared, the company has already two weeks into the new year sold out all of 2020.

Full order books
“If you compare the demand on healthy food with low environmental footprint to most other alternatives,” says Halvard Aas, CEO of Aas Mek Verksted and claims that the demand for healthier food is higher and will influence the future for the industry.

Earlier on the company has stated to SalmonBusiness that eventhough they will not comment on the upcoming annual report, the company are indeed in a good period and expected full order books.

Investing into the future
Not only Aas Mek Verksted experience the boom in the industry. The largest salmon company Mowi also show a promising year. SalmonBusiness earlier reported that analysts expect a growth in harvest volume mainly driven in Norway. The harvest volume for the fourth quarter of 2019 is forecasted to be 110,000 tonnes, 64,900 tonnes in Norway, writes TDN Direct.

Mowi is expected to present an operational EBIT of €181 million in Q4.

It is also expected that Mowi will further their investment into maintainance with an expected capex increase of 6,9 pct.

Furthermore Mowi is expected to have a dividend yield of 4,6 pct. for 2019. Their Q4 report will be presented 12th of February.


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