“Demand for our products is high, we have a number of customers in the online delivery sector”

Enhanced protection for JCS Fish site operations and employees.

The Grimbsy-based family run JCS Fish turns over around GBP 7 million a year with its BigFish range of products. These are sold through Ocado, Mindful Chef as well as many independent retailers.

In an email to SalmonBusines, the company wrote that in the light of the current public health emergency created by the spread of novel Coronavirus, it is taking steps to minimise the risk of disruption to its operation, as well as protecting the health and wellbeing of employees.

JCS’s organic smokehouse in Grimsby. PHOTO: JCS Fish

“We are pleased to confirm that JCS Fish is not currently suffering any impact to its usual operations as a result of the Covid19 outbreak. However, we are planning for all worst-case scenarios to ensure we have an effective Business Continuity Plan in place,” JCS Fish wrote.

“Our Business Continuity Plan is focused on enhanced protection for JCS Fish site operations and employees; increasing internal awareness of possible threats posed by the outbreak; the maintenance of strict internal hygiene and health surveillance and action planning to minimise any supply or operational interruptions,” it added

100% of the company’s raw material is sourced from highland seafood exporters FAO 27 (primarily Scotland and Norway). “We do not currently anticipate disruption to our raw material supply chain,” the company added.

Founder and CEO Andrew Coulbeck told SalmonBusiness: “Demand for our products is high, particularly given that we have a number of customers in the online delivery sector. At present we are operating normally and are hopeful that our plan and procedures should prevent any major business disruption or interruption to normal customer service.”

The company stressed that it is working closely with key suppliers and customers and that “communication is key”.


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