Desalination machines likely to be rolled out across Irish salmon farms after succesful trial

Norwegian-made equipment was sent over in August in reponse to freshwater protests.

A new method of supplying clean water to salmon farms in Connemara, Western Ireland is likely to continue following successful trials, reports the Connacht Tribune.

A machine using desalinated sea water is reported to be working well after a three month trial at a site in Killary fjord, the country’s only fjord. The Norwegian-made machine is likely to be used again next year.

Bord Iascaigh Mhara, Ireland’s Seafood Development agency, had brought in the machine in August to support the industry.

The method is expensive but was deemed necessary because of local opposition to salmon farms extracting fresh water from lakes.

The site also reported that annual output value for salmon farming in Connemara alone counted for EUR 40 million.

Some salmon farming companies are now looking to buy their own equipment.


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