DESS Aquaculture Shipping orders two new zero emission wellboats

Aslak Berge

Wellboat shipping company orders two large vessels to go on long-term Mowi contracts.

According to a press release, the wellboats will have a capacity of more than 6000m3 and four dual-fuel generator sets will be installed that will be able to make use of LNG, biogas and in the future, ammonia.

The ships will be built at Sefine Shipyard, Turkey, and will be DESS Aquas’ 7th and 8th vessels delivered from the same shipyard.

The vessels are designed by Salt Ship Design in close cooperation with DESS Aqua, Mowi and MMC First Process with a focus on building the next-generation of wellboats.

“The result is a modern vessel that meets the customer’s strict requirements for fish welfare, biosecurity and efficient operations in the form of high flexibility,” it wrote.

The vessel will be equipped with a freshwater production facility that can produce up to 6000m3 per day, and various types of equipment have been installed for salmon farming on the large deck area.

“The vessels are designed to meet Mowi’s strict environmental requirements and future wellboat needs,” added DESS Aquaculture Shipping.

Mowi COO for Farming Norway Øyvind Oaland wrote: “We have worked closely with DESS to optimise the boats for our needs, and I am sure that they will be of great support for our operations in Norway. The environmental aspect is very important for Mowi, and we are particularly pleased with the LNG solution DESS has come up with. I would like to thank DESS for their cooperation and look forward to bringing these state-of-the-art vessels into our business”.

“DESS Aqua is a company that will be at the forefront of development by delivering modern ships within the aquaculture industry, and our organisation has, in cooperation with customer and subcontractors, developed solutions that will ensure high quality and good fish welfare in all our operations. This is a rapidly evolving industry where the need for advanced technology is growing, and we are proud that Mowi is showing us confidence in building more ships that will operate for them for many years to come,” said CEO DESS Aqua Jon Are Gummedal.


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