Diver dies at salmon farm – 16 people died in 2019

Tirso Alvarado Triviño (34), was working on a contract for Invermar. Second death in only a few months.

Soy Chile reports that a diver died on New Years’ Day. Triviño was in the water repairing nets at an Invermar site in Punta Chalihué, Lemuy Island, Chile.

Chonchi Port captain authority Daniel Ramírez told the publication that the worker was brought up lifeless from the water. “When we arrived the person was without vital signs,” he said.

Last October, salmon diver Millán Levicoy (48) died at the same Invermar site in near-identical circumstances.

According to numbers from the anti-salmon farming activist group Ecoceanos Center, published in Radiodelmar, 16 workers from the salmon industry died during work or on the way to their workplaces in 2019.