Diver dies while working at salmon farm

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Man died while handling counterweights at a fallowed site belonging to Blumar.

El Divisadero reports that a man has died working a Blumar site in Aysen, Southern Chile.

Lieutenant Eduardo Cárdenas, public relations officer of the Maritime Governorate of Aysén, told the publication that authorities received a phone call on Thursday, February 25, at 12:42 a.m. This was from Eduardo Silva, manager of the diving contractor Servicios Primes, informing them that there was an accident around 12:30 a.m.

The diver was working at the Concheo 2 salmon farm. The death was recorded as suffocation by submersion in the context of a work accident. The man died while handling counterweights at the fallowed site.

Authorities said that they noted that “once we received the notification by serious accident with fatal consequences, we initiated an accident investigation”.

In a statement to El Divisadero, Blumar wrote that regretted “deeply the death of the diver of a contractor company serving the Concheo II salmon farm in the Aysén region. Through the contractor, we have been in solidarity with the family at this difficult time and are working with all the investigations being conducted by the authorities.”

The salmon farmer added that once it became known, attempts were made to resuscitate the diver, but by then it was too late. “Authorities and the family were immediately informed,” wrote Blumar.

“We are investigating the causes that led to the death. We are also providing all the background to the respective authorities to clarify the circumstances that triggered the death,” the company added.


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