DJ Calvin Harris among those trying to save Pinney’s plant


Among those in contact with people trying to save the salmon production line at processor Pinney’s in Anan, southern Scotland, is renowned Scottish DJ and producer, Calvin Harris, the BBC has reported.

Earlier this month, Young’s Seafood said it would close the plant in an effort to keep a major supply deal with Marks & Spencers in the Grimsby area of England. The move to consolidate the contract came at the price of winding down work at the Pinney’s site, although it’s had a long list of owners.

While SalmonBusiness reported that local salmon producers were being considered as white knights, Enterprise Minister Paul Wheelhouse confirmed only that a number of companies were being asked about their interest. After several hundred people attended a mass town hall meeting about the factory’s future late last week, it was learned that three companies — including two local companies — were “potentially interested in taking over the plant”, including “a national competitor of Pinneys”.

DJ Harris, who used to work at the plant, had been in touch with Dumfries and Galloway Council offering “anything to assist” in saving the 450-plus jobs under threat at the site.

The Council asked residents how they thought he could help, asking: “What do you think? What would you like to see?” Harris had, apparently, already contributed toward the building of a new Baptist Church in the area where he grew up, so Facebook posters appeared to believe he might lend Pinney’s economic aid in the form of a concert or ownership shares.

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