DNB on Atlantic Sapphire mortality: “Even though several attempts have gone wrong, we believe that their technology will succeed”

Katrina Poulsen

The worlds largest seafood bank has not lost hope in Atlantic Sapphire even though the company yesterday released a statement informing of a mortality of a quarter of a million fish in Denmark. 

At the 15th North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen, Norway, DNB’s seafood boss is still optimistic about the coming giant land-based farm in Miami by Atlantic Sapphire.

“You don’t foresee that it can go like this as a company. It is early and it is risky. But we believe they will be successful,” says Anne Hvistendahl, Global Head of Seafood, DNB, and adds:

“Even though several attempts have gone wrong, we believe, that their technology will succeed.”

DNB seafood boss states that the worlds largest seafood bank believes that they will certainly be funding more landbased salmon farms worldwide.

“We expect to do more landbased farm loans. It might be in Japan or other countries, but it might also be in Norway. “


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