Do you want to be in a film on fish farming? Hollywood exec wants you!

Hollywood executive and fish-farming advocate David E. Kelley is looking for characters to cast in a four-part documentary that will showcase creative solutions and breakthrough technologies in fish farming.

Kelley, who is known for creating TV shows Big Little Lies, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, to name a few, is himself a fish farmer. He owns Riverence, a trout producer based in Washington State.

Called “Hope in the Water,” the documentary will feature “captivating characters with incredible stories to tell in the areas of ocean and freshwater aquaculture, wild fisheries, and #BlueFoods innovation.”

Kelley and co-executive producer Andrew Zimmern want you if you are: part of a legacy fishing family that’s turned to seaweed farming to make ends meet; an entrepreneur who’s started the first fish farm in her country; an innovative company trying to revolutionize open sea fishing; or an member of an indigenous community looking to support your people and protect your blue food source.

“No matter your particular story, we want to hear from boots-on-the-deck practitioners, fledgling aquaculture farmers, unheralded inventors with unique approaches, and mariners on a mission to save our seas,” said Fed By Blue in its casting call for the project.

Contact associate producer Lauren Shaffer at no later than June 1, 2022.


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