Dongwon Industries say they will produce 20,000 tonnes at South Korean land-based salmon farm

Norway’s Salmon Evolution “spearheading the process” of “Asia’s largest fisheries bio-industrial complex in the future.”

Korea IT Times reports that South Korea’s largest fishing company announced on Monday that it will create an “Environment Smart Land Salmon Farming Complex” in Yangyang County, Gangwon Province.

Owner of StarKist Tuna Dongwon Industries said that it aims to produce 20,000 tonnes of salmon annually and achieve EUR 141 million in annual sales through land-based salmon farming complexes.

It was announced late July, that the seafood giant would be investing in Norway’s Salmon Evolution and would be using its technology. Dongwan spent EUR 4.6 million on an investment to acquire a minority share in the land-based salmon farmer.

The company plans to invest about EUR 141 million in a 125,000 m3 site in Yangyang County, to start construction within the year, to start operations sequentially from next year.

CEO of Dongwon Industries Lee Myung-woo said: “During the fierce global food resource war, we have established our own domestic salmon farming complex to secure stable and sustainable fisheries resources. We plan to foster it as Asia’s largest fisheries bio-industrial complex in the future.”

Salmon Evolution CEO Håkon André Berg told SalmonBusiness that the partnership means the Norwegians are “spearheading the process” in South Korea but added that at this stage he “did not have any more details”.


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