Dorset aims to ramp up aquaculture

editorial staff

Southern England looking for investment spearheaded by success of its trout farming.

Dorset, home to the Jurassic Coast, Lawrence of Arabia and Harry Redknapp is now aiming to get on the aquaculture map.

A campaign has been launched by Dorset LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) to not only showcase the southwestern England county’s aquacultures offering but to also to attract further investment to the region.

Jim Stewart, Dorset LEP Chair and Chief Executive of Poole Harbour Commissioners, said: “This campaign is a chance to show off our fantastic local companies who are benefitting from a great location for business. Dorset is ready to step up its aquaculture sector as conditions are perfect.”

The organisation wants to tap into the fish farming industry, of which Scottish salmon currently generates more than GBP 1 billion to the UK economy alone.

Mark Firth who owns Hooke Springs Trout Farm which produces brown and rainbow trout at Hooke near Beaminster, Dorset, said: “Our consistent water quality and quantity supply to this farm is second to none. If you offered me any other part of England to go to I would say no thank you.”

There are several trout farms in Dorset that take advantage of chalk stream water mainly for the restocking industry, supplying farms, stillwater and rivers fisheries.


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