Downward pressure, but the price party goes on

Aslak Berge

Limited supply and harvest days secure high price levels next week

“There was a correction on Monday or Tuesday. The price has been down at 73 to 74 kroner (EUR 7.65 to 7.76), and then came a Friday, and sales of the day’s harvest went up nicely again. The buyer corps is nervous. One’ll try to buy now at the mid-70’s — 74 to 76 kroner (EUR 7.76 to 7.97) on the main (fish) sizes,” an exporter tells SalmonBusiness.

“But little has been done,” he adds.

“Higher than that is coming,” a rival exporter says. “If it ends up a 76 kroner, then I’ll be all-in. But, I’m not getting a hold of any right now,” he says, adding that 76 to 78 kroner (EUR 7.97 to 8.18) on the 3-6 (kilogram sizes) is a reasonable price.

The price range is along the lines of what the buyer at a salmon smoker has been observing.

“There’s a bit of unsold fish from this week. I’m thinking either the same price as last Friday or a little lower,” he says, recalling that fish were sold last week at between 78 and 80 kroner (EUR 8.18 to 8.39).

“I’m also hearing 82 kroner (EUR 8.59) in Oslo,” a trader says. “It’s erratic. I think it’s a little negative from last week. The market won’t be able to hold this high price for long, I believe. That’s my take, anyway. But, then there’s obviously little fish that’s helping it stay up nicely just the same.

“It’s a difficult market. Lots of unsold fish. Customers are getting offers to buy at EUR 7.70 (FOB). The (Norwegian krone’s) taken a dip, from 9.70 to 9.50 (per euro),” another trader commented.

“Everyone’s trying at 77 to 78 kroner (EUR 8.07 to 8.18), but only a few customers are paying that price. There are few fish, they say, but there’s sure as heck not a lot of clients that are paying the price, either. Customers are saying they can use more fish. “We don’t have orders,” they’re saying.”


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