Dramatic video of avalanche hitting Grieg salmon farm released

Stian Olsen

Employees filmed the avalanche at Grieg Seafood’s fish farm in Stjernøya, Finnmark, Northern Norway, on Monday.

On Wednesday, Grieg Seafood issued a press release in the aftermath of the avalanche, in which the company criticised itself for the lack of risk assessment.

Four employees, who themselves assessed that the conditions were too unsafe to go outside on the pens, were inside the feed barge when the avalanche hit.

In the dramatic video, which SalmonBusiness has gained access to via Grieg Seafood and Norway’s national broadcaster NRK, the employees film the avalanche as it slides down the mountainside and hits the cages.


On Monday, Grieg Seafood told SB that the site will be moved after the current fish are harvested this summer, which Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries is also supporting.