Dutch Albatros Technology gets two development licences for 195-metre barge

Aslak Berge

Decision was overturned after appeal.

The concept was applied for the “AquaBarge”, an ocean-based facility for salmon growth in a closed containment system based on RAS technology.

The barge will have a length of 195m, a width of 55m and a depth of 22m. Dutch company Albatros Technology applied for nine development licences.

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries rejected the application in June 2018 on the grounds that the concept did not meet the condition of significant innovation. Among other things, the Directorate pointed out that both RAS and barge technology are known.

Norway’s Ministry of trade, industry and fisheries revoked the Directorate of Fisheries’ rejection on the 16th of April. The ministry found that the condition for significant innovation had been met, and the case was sent to the Directorate of Fisheries for further processing, including an assessment of whether the condition investments are met.

On Friday, Albatros Technology received an answer. And it turned out that the Directorate of Fisheries has now granted the company two development licences.

“The Directorate of Fisheries to Albatros Technology B.V pledges 1,633 tonnes of maximum allowed biomass. This benefits two licences for 780 tonnes of MAB and one for 73 tonnes. The licences are granted with a duration of eight years from the time the site is cleared and the licence document issued,” the response letter stated.


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