Dutch company proposes to refit jack-up rigs into salmon farms in Scotland

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Jack-Up Barge (J-UB) is working on Roxel Aqua’s “Octopus” concept.

Energy Voice reports that Dutch firm Jack-Up Barge (J-UB) is looking to repurpose oil rigs, equipped with feeding and harvesting facilities for salmon farms off the coast of Scotland.

Other potential locations include Norway and Australia.

Last week, SalmonBusiness’ sister site Ilaks reported that Roxel Aqua, the Norwegian company behind the patented concept, completed a regulatory process with the country’s Directorate of Fisheries in a step towards potential development licences.

IMAGE: Roxel Aqua

The “Octopus” consists of a modified jack-up rig with 12-14 submersible salmon cages. Jack-Up Barge has a fleet of self-elevating platforms and is partnering with Roxel Aqua on the project.

J-UB commercial director Jurgen de Prez told the publication that the company has “the knowledge and the skillset to operate a jack-up offshore, even in the harshest of conditions”.

“With a small crew and a negligible investment, we can facilitate this fish feeding process,” added de Prez.

J-UB tender manager Sil de Rijke added that the cages “can also be submerged from the platform in stormy weather to protect the fish from damage.”


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