Dutch salmon processor acquires stake in fresh and frozen whitefish supplier

Editorial Staff

Acquisition driven by philosophy of ‘all your seafood in one place’ says CEO.

Dutch salmon processor the Zalmhuys Group has acquired a minority stake in distributor Anova Seafood’s processing and sales activities.

Anova, led by Constant Mulder and Willem Huisman, specializes in international distribution and processing of fresh and chilled seafood, primarily focusing on whitefish varieties such as Cod/Saithe, Lake Victoria Perch, Pangasius, and Catfish, with a significant presence in the European market.

Harm ten Napel, CEO of the Zalmhuys group, views this acquisition as a strategic move to bolster its position within the seafood industry.

“Adding Anova’s experience and product portfolio to our current business sees a lot of potential and will further strengthen our position in the seafood industry. It will greatly contribute to the philosophy “all your seafood in one place,'” he said.


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