€6 million Mowi Ireland investment given green light

editorial staff

10 year wait for approval.

Mowi Ireland writes that it can now expand operations in Bantry Bay, Cork, after authorities approved an application for Shot Head.

Mowi Ireland (then Marine Harvest Ireland) first applied for the licence in June 2011. The salmon farmer currently operates fish production sites at Ahabeg and Roancarrig.

“By developing a new site for organic salmon in Bantry Bay, the continuing development of stocking, harvesting, fallowing and rotation programmes can be advanced in compliance with international best practice thereby securing the long-term future of aquaculture in the area,” said a Mowi company spokesperson.

The development at Shot Head is likely to be complete in 14 weeks in accordance with Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine installation requirements.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine originally granted the licence in 2015 but this was appealed to the Aquaculture Licence Appeals Board (ALAB) by 14 different parties, including the applicant, Mowi, on the basis that a number of minor prescriptive clauses in the licence failed to take into account potential future technological developments.

“Irish organic farmed salmon is a premium product in Europe, particularly in counties such as France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and the UK where it commands a premium on farmed salmon produced elsewhere,” wrote Mowi.

“The single biggest issue facing Irish salmon producers today is that they cannot meet the demand for their product,” the company added.


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