€83.2 million smolt plant planned for 2021

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The brothers behing behind Tytlandsvik Aqua – one of Norway’s largest sites – are investing in a new giant smolt plant.

While work is being done to build to Tytlandsvik Aqua’s 15.000 m³ smolt plant, brothers Nils and Roger Viga are in full swing with their next project according to Strandbuen.

The new project, Årdal Aqua, is a EUR 83,2 million smolt plant in Rogaland, Western Norway.

Behind the project is the company, Vest Havbruk.

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According to the publication, its planned construction start is 2021, and the plant will be ready the following year. Half of the smolt will be put into the sea when it has a weight of 1,000 grams. For the rest, it’ll be when they are 2,000 grams. Annual production capacity will be 15,000 tonnes when the site is built.

By comparison, Tytlandsvik Aqua’s smolt plant, will have a production capacity of 9,000 tonnes when fully expanded.

A biogas plant and a deep water system are also planned in connection with the plant.

Tytlandsvik Aqua has an agreement to deliver smolts to fish farmers, Bremnes Seashore and Grieg Seafood. Those companies also have ownership interests in the plant. Though whoever will become a customer of Årdal Aqua is not yet clear.

“We must first get the license,” said Nils Viga, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board in Årdal Aqua.


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