Earnings week underway, with spotlight on growth

William Stoichevski

Several listed salmon-growing companies will present their earnings results this week, and a pair of analysts — Alexander Aukner of DNB Markets and Tore Tønseth of Sparebank 1 Markets — see those companies highlighting the effects of demand, cost levels and growth.

“Earnings in the fourth quarter are naturally interesting, but the stock market will place noticeably more weight on the following points: How has demand reacted to lower prices; how much have production costs come down; what amount has been written into long-term contracts and at what price, along with the level of dividend, which will give us a good indicator on how optimistically the companies look at the future,” Aukner told TDN Direkt.

Tonseth in Sparebank 1 Markets said he sees growth for the industry in 2018. That, too, will play a roll in the reported earnings.

“What the companies say about the growth expected in 2018 will be important,” Tonseth said.

“Generally, there’s a lot of repetition in some quarters, but it’ll be especially interesting if you think that there’ll be growth of between six and 10 percent in 2018,” he told TDN.


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