Egg-shaped closed farming concept takes a major step towards realization

Hauge Aqua reaches milestone.

The Norwegian company Hauge Aqua has been granted license to establish its futuristic “Egg” salmon farm project at a locality in Langfjorden, Western Norway.

“Hurray, we have got our first locality”, Hauge Aqua wrote on Facebook. The permit applies to salmon, trout and rainbow trout with a Maximum Permitted Biomass (MTB) of 780 tonnes.

Arthur Lyngøy in Hauge Aqua said the permit is an important signal from the authorities.

“The permit applies to floating closed containment throughout the sea phase, with the condition that the Egg technology must be tested before using Geilbukta (name of locality). It is a great encouragement that the Egg gets the confidence to establish itself in a locality where traditional open cage farming is excluded”, he said.

According to his brother Cato Lyngøy, the Egg will probably be established on Geilbukta within four years.

“We believe the Egg is an important contribution in the fight against salmon escapes and lice. It has been shown that operating floating closed technology during all or part of the cycle makes it possible to avoid the lice problem. Now we look forward to showing that the Egg also makes safe operation possible”, said Cato Lyngøy.

According to Lyngøy it will be different sizes of the Egg in the sea. Hauge Aqua collaborates with Mowi on the big version of the Egg. The salmon farmer has received six development permits for the concept, but has previously stated that they are considering dropping the project due to high production costs.


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